4Play Times

The ultimate Adrenalin combo

4Play Times


So…  you're doing a 4Play?
Be prepared for one of the most memorable days of your life!
Here are a few things you need to know:


You get ONE free photo
at each activity, loaded
onto your USB stick.  If
you wish to purchase
more photos or videos,
you must pay for them
at each activity. 


The minimum weight for
a bunny jump is 45kgs
and the maximum weight
for a skydive is 100kgs.  If
you are outside either of
these limits, please let us


Standard timing for a
4Play is as follows:
09.15am - Pick-Up
09.30am - Taupo Bungy
11.00am - Huka Falls Jet
12.30pm - Heli Adventure
12.50pm - Taupo Tandem


It's a good idea to make
sure you eat and drink
throughout the day or
else you might run out of
steam.  All activities have
cafes in or near them for
your convenience.


Feel free to take a
personal camera with
you.  You cannot take it
with you when you jump
off the bungy platform or
jump out of the plane,
but you can take photos
before, after and on the


Unfortunately, the  4Play
combo can be affected by 
bad weather (wind, cloud
and rain).  We will try to
accommodate you where
we can, but if this is not a
possibility, we will refund
you the portion you were
unable to complete.


If you do have any
problems during the day,
please talk to any ground
staff at any of the 
activities and they will
assist you.  Otherwise,
please feel free to call us
on 0800 368 775


4play is designed to be
done over one day,
however, it can be done
over two days if required.

The order of activities
cannot be changed.


To find out more information on 4Play click here

Should you have any further questions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email us.